On Friday 17th July, we gathered to celebrate the achievements of Cancer Therapeutics CRC. Originally a large celebration was planned to mark the end of Cancer Therapeutics CRC – one that would fit with the level of success of the organisaiton. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 lockdowns and border closures prevented that event from occurring. Instead we gathered online from our homes and socially distanced workplaces.

In the lead up to the event, we had interviewed a small selection of our participants and supporters and compiled the interviews into a series of short videos. We aired the videos during the event and everyone agreed that they capture the spirit of the CRC.

The first video describes the Cancer Therapeutics CRC and what the collaboration set out to achieve.

The next two videos focused on the achievements to come out of the CRC and their subsequent impacts. It cannot be overstated how successful this CRC has been over the duration of the funding period.


The fourth video describes the research culture within the CRC. This is something that has been so important to the organisation and what has led to the continued success. Our project teams work collaboratively across multiple institutes and disciplines using digital platforms and videoconferencing so that feedback is almost immediate and each team member gains an understanding of the different roles within drug discovery. The culture built by the CRC has largely reflected the value that was placed on each one of its participants.

The final video is about memories of our time within the CRC. After playing this video, each of the staff had a chance to recount their favourite memories and experiences. Whether people had been with the CRC for a long time or a short time, it was clear that everyone had a memorable time!