On 15 September 2014, CTx hosted a Launch event at the Royal Melbourne Hospital to acknowledge and celebrate the six years of Government, Industry and Research funding to drive the next phase of our work.

Warwick Tong, CEO, outlined how CTx plans to halt cancer progression in adults and children, transforming it from an acute to a chronic disease.

Professor Grant McArthur, Chair of the CTx Scientific Advisory Board, explained how important our research and drug development efforts are to cancer patients.

And the Hon Josh Frydenberg MP, Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister, spoke about the value to Australia of the Cooperative Research Centre Program, and officially launched the next phase of CTx.

Press Release

A team of leading Australian researchers is working to halt cancer progression in children, transforming it from an ‘acute’ to a ‘chronic’ disease. The researchers within the Cancer Therapeutics CRC – a Cooperative Research Centre headquartered in Victoria – are fast-tracking research into new drugs which can stop metastasis (spreading) of cancers in children and adults, and making sure adult drugs are being used to the full. Drugs – developed to treat adult cancers – are being tested and tailored to arrest those cancers which are most likely to cause deaths in children – every week nearly three Australian children die from cancer.

Warwick Tong, Chief Executive of Cancer Therapeutics CRC, says the research will potentially save or improve hundreds of children’s lives.

“Children’s cancers are different and often don’t receive the full attention they deserve – yet they devastate the lives of kids and their families,” he said. “Tailoring treatment to the child and their cancer means that there will many more opportunities to halt their cancer” “We know that there are existing drugs which are being overlooked and all new drugs should be tested to see if they can help children.

Our goal now is to discover new drugs and new applications for drugs, which have been overlooked or underplayed in the past.

“We believe we are on the cusp of a future where cancer is treated as a chronic disease – new drugs that shut down the metastasis process are part of that future.” Dr Tong was speaking at Royal Melbourne Hospital, at the launch of six years’ of funding to drive the next phase of Cancer Therapeutics CRC’s work.

The Honourable Josh Frydenberg, Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister launched the new extended CRC today.