A man seated at a table looking at a laptop. A woman and a man stand behind him also looking at the screenOn 1st December, we implemented changes to the leadership of Cancer Therapeutics CRC that reflect the exciting phase that the CRC is entering. One of the key CRC milestones is to create a legacy organisation and as we near the end of the CRC funding period, this is increasingly more important. Strategy and planning discussions around the legacy organisation are gaining momentum and there is fantastic engagement from potential investors and research partners.

In order to deliver a sustainable legacy organisation that is operational on 1st July 2020, the implementation of the strategy needs to be accelerated. This requires dedicated resourcing and so to this end, Brett Carter has agreed with the Board to step down as CEO to take on the role of delivering the legacy organisation. Tony Evans will remain Board Chair and will also take on the role of CEO. Our Business Director and Company Secretary Lisa Dube will become deputy CEO.

These changes will ensure Cancer Therapeutics CRC remains focused on the agreed Commonwealth and Participant commitments, whilst allocating appropriate resources to enable the best possible outcome for a sustainable CRC legacy organisation.

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