Murray Norris and Vanessa Tyrell from the ZERO Childhood Cancer Program at the Cancer Therapeutics CRC 2018 Retreat

Congratulations to the Zero Childhood Cancer personalised medicine program (ZERO), led by CRC participant, Children’s Cancer Institute (CCI), who have secured $67 million in funding from the Commonwealth Government and Minderoo Foundation.

The CRC is incredibly proud to have provided initial funding for the pilot program. One of the visions of the CRC was to establish a platform to provide personalised treatments for children with high risk cancers based on genomic analysis. This pilot program proved incredibly successful and the resulting program, ZERO, has since become an international leader in paediatric precision medicine.

The additional funding from the Commonwealth Government and Minderoo Foundation will enable ZERO to be expanded further to include all Australian children and young people diagnosed with cancer by 2023. Professor Michelle Haber AM, Executive Director of CCI has said that “through this phased expansion of ZERO over the next three years, every child in Australia who is diagnosed with cancer will have access to personalised treatment recommendations that aim to give them the greatest chance of surviving their disease; ZERO also helps to identify less toxic targeted treatments reducing their risk of side effects.”

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