Cancer Therapeutics CRC chair male

Dr Tony Evans

Chief Executive Officer and Chair of the Board (Extended Leave)

  • Core Skills:
    Managing collaborative research and industry drug development
Cancer Therapeutics CRC chair male

Dr Tony Evans is Chair of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Cancer Therapeutics CRC.  He was appointed to the Board in 2007 and to the role of Chair in 2011. Prior to his appointment as Chair, Dr Evans served as CEO of Cancer Therapeutics CRC between 2008 and 2011.  He has recently returned to the role of CEO in December 2019.

Dr Evans has also been a director of Biolayer Corporation, Neurodiscovery, Coridon, Dendright, Promics, Q-Pharm and Spinifex. From 1988 to 1997 he worked in California, USA at Genentech then Onyx Pharmaceuticals.  On returning to Australia, he was appointed CEO and director of the CRC for Diagnostic Technologies and later, CEO and director of Xenome.

Dr Evans holds a BSc from the University of Sheffield, UK and a PhD from the Australian National University.  He has held postdoctoral fellowships in the Heidelberg Department of Medicine, Victoria, the University of Calgary and the University of North Carolina.